Wellllll then

so last night i posted some things up here about me writing a paper. and then drawing a dinosaur instead. so that paper, which was half written while half asleep and half thinking about dinosaurs and whether or not long necks had spots.. i finally finished it. and needed it proof read by eyes other than my sad excuses for eyes. 
this is what i woke up to. after i overslept
and later tonight i get a call from my mom saying she needs a ride to the infinity dealership. turns out she had to pick up my dads old whip. 

which means, even though it only happened once. me taylor and wes need to give the car a going away party in the financial district of green valley.

however that will never happen. 

and RIP my lincoln scrape, which if you are uninformed, was a great car.. which i smashed a light pole with... yeah long story, neither here nor there. 

love andrew