Finally done with finals.

The away team for the night

And this smiley ass mother fucker. he is an oil man. 
oh yes. finally i am done.  oh  yesss i am done. summer movies have started already. people are coming home. must work less.

been a week or two since i updated this, but ill probably start again since its summer. balls.

anyways. so people are bitching about terminator 4 being different... which of course it would be because it takes place in the post apocalyptic future. and john connor has grown up through all this bullshit. as we saw in the third movie he is already changed. no room to listen to public enemy, play video games with his ginger friend, or teach highly advanced killing robots cool slang such as, "asta la vista baby." He is just super badass john connor. Although this is completely different than what i thought when i was younger. I definitely never thought about john connor answering to somebody. Like that was weird to me, and reminded me of the Matrix. In fact, this whole movie reminded me of the Matrix. Or other way around maybe. whatever. anyways, in the end the world leaders or whatever the fuck they were. resistance leaders. and anyways. the kid who played kyle reese did a pretty good job. i guess hearing the name kyle reese is kind of weird for most people unless you watched the terminator: sarah connor chronicles. Focused on them. and kyle reese had a brother. but whatever. little mute girl was chillin the whole movie. i swear that little bitch must have had some bigass magical pockets, she kept pulling shit out in times of need.

all in all.. great special effects. good movie.. but different from the other in the terminator series.