movies, previews and previews

So last night i went to go see Star Trek's midnight showing. I wasn't ever a fan of the original Movies and Series, but this one was pretty good. Besides the fact they still put the asian man in a bitch character. and my niglet jeff joked to me that he would have a katana... and surely fucking enough he ended up with a katana in his hand. fml


next week is terminator: salvation. Which hopefully cleans up the series after that third movie which i think was ridiculously sucky. especially the whole male stripper scene with the governor. speaking of which, arnold makes a digital appearance in this movie, as seen in this four minute previewish thing

Terminator 4 Minute Clip Shit

and last but not least, Jeff Smith, aka the man behind the citizen clothing store gave me a preview of the new line.. which has some cut and sewn camp hats and button down shirts.. cant forget to mention graphic tees.. which all of you should buy because i put my blood sweat and semen into them.


buy some things, there is a spring cleaning sale on selected items.. so help a peruvian brother out and buy some highly discounted clothes.

tell all your mothers i say "ay mommy"
love, andrew