X-Men Origins: Wolverine

due to the fact that i am such a comic book nerd, i thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  However since i am not mentally retarded, I realized how shitty it was.  I hate how they have to change things in order for people to not be confused.  If you have ever sat next to me in a movie that isn't great, i just talk shit to it for two hours.  The special effects were not up to par with the rest of the comic book movies. A whole bunch of things that pissed me off.

Why the fuck were his claws all CG? and never covered in blood. you would think stabbing a mother fucker with your claws would put a little blood out there

They fucking feel pain.  and bullets still fuck them up.  they cant fucking walk around and get shot up all day like that.

NEEDS MOAR DEADPOOL. and i mean the real deadpool. like

like seriously. wtf was that shit. and the two ending clips? what the fuck guys. okay deadpool is still alive. kewl!

the claws looked fake. the green screens looked fake. patrick stewart looked like a fucking wax statue.

emma frost is supposed to be a psychic 

cyclops is still gay as fuck

i saw a little quicksilver in there

dont even get me started on gambit. why the fuck can he fucking make cards fly and shit.  the motehr fucker throws cards like any person would throw  a card. his power is to kinetically charge objects and make them explosive. he cant fucking jump around with a gay pimp cane and then use it to climb walls and shit.  yes he has heightened physical capabilities... but he cant fucking fly and blow up large chunks of falling concrete.he had no heavy cajun french accent.  so gay in his satin pink button down.  he wasnt wearing his fucking armor like he should be.  anyways. that whole fight with wolverine in new orleans was gay.  they sped up wolverine? why? and why can wolverine take down a whole fire escape by cutting one piece of metal at the bottom.

and in the end. he just runs away with the police there and shit. 

anyways. i liked it because i got to see some comic book characters come to life.. but it was done horribly. you would think after the recent success of iron man and hulk they would have fucking amazed us.  they made the hulk look dope. and iron man too. but they give wolverine some shitty cg claws. 

anyways. /end rant

i apologize to everybody who heard me talking my shit. 

love, andrew