Puppy/Nostalgia/Funny People

So yesterday I spent most of the day across the street from the prestigious SCC which I am returning to in the fall. Taylor got a puppy a few weeks ago, and demanded that I take some random ass pictures before she is a full grown thug dog.
Riley being tired. There is no middle ground with her, she is either asleep or in your face with her little puppy teeth

Then after that we went to Scandia, which is an arcade/tube house/party place/go kart/batting cages place. All of these activities just end up a place for kids of all ages to throw up and piss their pants. Either way, some of the games brought me back to my childhood and all the birthday parties that were hosted there. And we came home with some prizes.. which was always the best part of the trip.

And Doug's car was clean so we decided to take some pictures of it. Including Brianna in the front seat throwing obscene signs out the window.

and on a kindof funnier note, Funny People was hillarious.. but not the comedy that everybody thought. Some parts were absolutely fucking funny, the celebrity cameo's were endless, and it was 10x more vulgar that i anticipated. However the other half of the movie was a drama. and they were mixed back and forth. The camera angles and lighting even vary when they are focusing on one or the other. Either way it was funny.. and a good story with a message of course. at the same time adam sandler could regress to his usual antics.

and im trying to figure out the insult that jonah hill threw at seth rogen that i almost died at. it all happened so fast and i cant remember it now.. it went along the lines of

"Im going to put my glasses on top of your asshole so it looks like im getting my dick sucked while im fucking you in the ass"