raw denim jawns, henley shirts, long sleeves, winter

So we all know ive been wearing these pants for a year and some change.. and the first holes are starting and needed some patching and restitching. which gave me a day full of sewing. no homo. had to sew in some excess denim behind that asshole(lols) and touch up on some of the stitching.. which i ended up teaching myself how to chainstitch. anyways. these things started out full of indigo dye and now they are faded, white and dirty. the only proof of the past year i spent sitting on my ass.

second, the pics ive been taking for hypebeast what did you wear today thread has been building up and since i lack content on here.. i might as well post them. apparently ive been wearing long sleeves for the past two weeks. since its been cold and fucking amazing.

last but not least. everyone has a henley shirt this season. they are amazing. and thanks to carthartt, i can buy short sleeve henleys too. horray.

enough about this gay clothing shit.
i think i still have pictures from my birthday.. only a few after drinking a personal of jager. delicious.

love andrew.