Headquarters, fried chicken, lost

So i've been going to the new HB HQ SF, if that makes any sense bahaha. Anyways, most people who have read my blog have also read the words of the man shown in my pictures below. He is the daily editor for just about every blog update that you see on Hypebeast.com. I'm talking about the one and only L.A. Ruano, who does not receive as much credit as he deserves for slaving over the computer multiple times a day to bring you guys news in the streetwear world.

after hours of taking pictures of play cloths then editing them, we finally got hungry enough to go out and grab a bite to eat. Turns out, Fort Knox Southern Food is more than just a bite. The expensive ass fried chicken and sides came with so much food it was ridiculous.

Then on the way out. neither me nor Luis are from San Francisco, so leaving the office is an extremely difficult task. I have no sense of direction in my own city.. let alone SF. So I'm following him around. However, due to his excellent skills of navigation we found our way to the freeway. Thanks to an illegal left turn as well.

More posts about our adventures to come.

love andwoo