So Im sitting here procrastinating from opening my Political Science book and I decided to make an entry in here in an attempt to keep it updated. Everything is so busy at the moment. The whole last month was swamped and it was fucking horrible. Its proving harder than I thought to balance school and my internship. Plus I've fallen into a rut with picture taking. When you are using your camera to take product shots a few times a week, photography doesn't seem too fun. I've been making it to all my classes but retaining nothing.. which is unfortunate because now its mid terms and I have to reread everything. A quote from the late great Joseph Miller, "If you have been doing what you were supposed to be doing the whole time, you shouldn't have to study at all." Just joking, Pvt. Miller is still alive. Anyways, went hiking with Tdubzord and The Bear Jew. I'll have to throw in a whole set of pictures for that, but in the mean time,

The Cub Jew

IMG_7346Fucking stupid ass cow that wouldn't leave the path.

And here goes The Joe Miller. In this scene he clenches his abdomen due to the sudden regurgitation of water. What in this world can cause such a hardcore man to spit up so easily as if he were a cheap Thai hooker? Well about five minutes prior to this blurry, unfocused and overexposed picture, Garrett spilled oreo crumbs all over my fucking floor. And how does this relate to Joe spitting water on my kitchen floor? Apparently Joe lost his composure when I made some gesture about ants flying up from the vent. I didn't find it as funny as he did.
Joe you gook.

-spit hard die hard