weekend in a flash: Fiesta Days/BJ's/Puppies/Fireworks/Limits

So I forgot to update this all weekend, and i forgot why i forgot.  My flickr pro account ran out and now i have a limited amount of mb i can have per month.  anyways. went to fiesta days. ate at bj's. played with some puppies(dinner).  then work, sat at home. leonard had some weak ass spinning fireworks. anyways. moar pics in a few days
Leonard and doom
some puppies

and stupid papers and tests. 
fuck, andrew


Geocities just died

Yes.. if you remember the internet 7 years ago before lolcats, xzibit, pedo bear, forum macros in general, forums, forum wars, website clicking spam, myspace, livejournal, xanga. before all that shit, there were hella geocities websites that were so horribly made and so shitty. 

anyways, geocities sites are all going down

Tickets Permits Berkeley

Over the past few days I have forgotten to update this.  Sometime last week, i was pulled over by an Officer Vough for having no front license plate. Weak.  Speaking of driving and whatever... Leonard had his first behind the wheel.  Which means he can legally drive with a parent on the streets. Its fucking weird.

Then today, went to berkeley



Hotter than fuck

seriously its like 95ยบ out here. why. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. anyways. 

take leonard to tennis

still cant stop shooting with the fisheye.

love, Mr. Panface

idgaf i could watch everything in 1000 fps

I-Movix SprintCam v3 NAB 2009 showreel from David Coiffier on Vimeo.

check out his other vids. crazy shit
saturday. swimming yezzz


love andrew



So due to Ritz being really shitty and having high prices and sucking balls, they are going out of business.  Therefore everything in store must go. Including a certain fisheye lense going for 20% off retail. which is still rape after taxes. but still cheaper than i might find elsewhere. all day leonard and stevie wonder were working on some bio project drawing marine wildlife creatures.

Then i went to ericas and they were cleaning the M45 of course. 

When i got back home i was bored flipping through leonards fucking textbook and saw this man who i couldnt help but turn into mac dre

no comment

Fuck yeah, love andrew



so b&n hires some company to come and count all the books and everything in the store.  But we have to sit there and then recount because it wasnt counted right the first time. they expected it to be miscounted and had us there. i can imagine being there to help identify books and find its sku number.. but how can you miss a whole shelf of books. ridiculous. 



Seeing as the family is in Socal for easter and left me home alone, i went elsewhere

Then Observe & Report.

Fucking Geometry Wars with the super Mossholder Brothers®

sleep, love andrew


I win

cause i made fried rice and its gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
home alone and doom blasting loud as fuck ftw

love andrew


Speaking of the dead

i saw this at work. and couldn't stop laughing when a girl handed it to me.  if you had english senior year with me you would know.  reading this, the awakening. blah blah blah. symbolism, tarantella dance, bird in a cage, no tyrone im bilingual there is a difference.

anyways. i have yet to look at it because i still despise everything that has to do with this book.  it is exactly the same as the regular but zombies were written into it somehow.  
pick it up and let me know how it is

fuck research papers, andrew

LOST: Dead is Dead

sorry for the rant.. but an x-post from my rant on hb

okay so this was a dope ass episode.

it shows us what is happening on the real time island. Ben is still a lying ass mother fucker.. and it shows us how he got his daughter(alex). It showed ethan as a boy, meaning ben took ethan with him when he killed off the Dharma. and he freaked out when he saw the oceanic 6 in the dharma picture of 77(i think)

Lapidus leaves them and goes back to the second island where the plane is.. and elanna(sp) and the big guy found guns and asked lapidus a question. I think this is like what happened with rousseau's crew and they were acting on behalf of somebody. most likely the island. Elanna was asking some ridiculous question, "what lies in the shadow of the statue" or some shit. and rousseau's crew was trying to kill her off. It seems like there are many voices on the island and they want and do different things. There is some hierarchy of power, richard doesnt answer to the current leader, they all answer to jacob.. blah blah blah.

we find out why ben was beat the fuck up when he got on the plane, and whether or not he killed penelope. Desmond beat his ass when he was about to kill penelope.

The episode shows us charles widmore when he was younger. it showed us how mad he was that ben was brought into camp, and that he island wants him alive. We see how mad widmore is when ben brings the baby alex into their camp, condemning her to death haha. then it shows us the exile of charles. later charles says he has been trying for 20 years to come back but the island just wont let him. and im debating on whether the island wanted ben to come back, or it was forced to bring ben back because he gathered the oceanic 6 which pretty much was his ticket home.

when he is under in the catacombs of the island or whatever they are.. the smoke monster shows him a flashback of his relationship with his daughter.. and when it is done, she shows up and acts all nice to him. then she yolks him up and tells him that she knows he is planning on killing john, not to do it, listen to every word that he says. so we know that the island can act through people. We have seen this done a few times, christian/alex/maybe john. Christian was resurrected and is acting as a spokesman for the island, but he still retains his personality and memories. Which is what im thinking happened to john. He knows things he shouldnt. last is alex, she tells ben what the fuck to do and should be dead. This is a new thing for ben to know, because he doesnt think that dead people can come back to life. not just picking people up from the dead, the island seems to be acting through people such as the french and the current time plane crash survivors

/end rant


-Ben didn't kill penelope, got his ass beat by Desmond
-Ben got yolked up by his daughter, has to listen to John
-Island can resurrect people 
-John knows shit about the island
-It is impossible to make ben look young no matter how many makeup artists you have 


sometime last week when jen was still home. went with her and this morose mother fucker^ to walnut creek
palm sunday mass on saturday lol.

two shitty ass tests tomorrow. psychology and geography. I dont believe i say this enough, but when you sign up for a geography class, make sure you know what it is.  I learned the hard way that there is a difference between world geography and physical geography. fml

finally sleep, love andrew