fiesta days

in vacaville. sam had a dance thing. bunch of people there. blah blah blah

nothing like some food stand bbq and lemonade 
that little nigga

more adventures all week. im free till friday and then my name changes to toby in a boookstore 

love, andrew


Finally done with finals.

The away team for the night

And this smiley ass mother fucker. he is an oil man. 
oh yes. finally i am done.  oh  yesss i am done. summer movies have started already. people are coming home. must work less.

been a week or two since i updated this, but ill probably start again since its summer. balls.

anyways. so people are bitching about terminator 4 being different... which of course it would be because it takes place in the post apocalyptic future. and john connor has grown up through all this bullshit. as we saw in the third movie he is already changed. no room to listen to public enemy, play video games with his ginger friend, or teach highly advanced killing robots cool slang such as, "asta la vista baby." He is just super badass john connor. Although this is completely different than what i thought when i was younger. I definitely never thought about john connor answering to somebody. Like that was weird to me, and reminded me of the Matrix. In fact, this whole movie reminded me of the Matrix. Or other way around maybe. whatever. anyways, in the end the world leaders or whatever the fuck they were. resistance leaders. and anyways. the kid who played kyle reese did a pretty good job. i guess hearing the name kyle reese is kind of weird for most people unless you watched the terminator: sarah connor chronicles. Focused on them. and kyle reese had a brother. but whatever. little mute girl was chillin the whole movie. i swear that little bitch must have had some bigass magical pockets, she kept pulling shit out in times of need.

all in all.. great special effects. good movie.. but different from the other in the terminator series.


So leonard had to drive somewhere with moms, and i couldnt pass up the chance to be in the car.  probably annoyed the fuck out of him as he heard the shutter behind his face.

finals. papers. fml.
love andrew


movies, previews and previews

So last night i went to go see Star Trek's midnight showing. I wasn't ever a fan of the original Movies and Series, but this one was pretty good. Besides the fact they still put the asian man in a bitch character. and my niglet jeff joked to me that he would have a katana... and surely fucking enough he ended up with a katana in his hand. fml


next week is terminator: salvation. Which hopefully cleans up the series after that third movie which i think was ridiculously sucky. especially the whole male stripper scene with the governor. speaking of which, arnold makes a digital appearance in this movie, as seen in this four minute previewish thing

Terminator 4 Minute Clip Shit

and last but not least, Jeff Smith, aka the man behind the citizen clothing store gave me a preview of the new line.. which has some cut and sewn camp hats and button down shirts.. cant forget to mention graphic tees.. which all of you should buy because i put my blood sweat and semen into them.


buy some things, there is a spring cleaning sale on selected items.. so help a peruvian brother out and buy some highly discounted clothes.

tell all your mothers i say "ay mommy"
love, andrew


The Award Tour

More to come.. but before i leave the house,

phil aka lochness finally put these to life. good shit


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

due to the fact that i am such a comic book nerd, i thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  However since i am not mentally retarded, I realized how shitty it was.  I hate how they have to change things in order for people to not be confused.  If you have ever sat next to me in a movie that isn't great, i just talk shit to it for two hours.  The special effects were not up to par with the rest of the comic book movies. A whole bunch of things that pissed me off.

Why the fuck were his claws all CG? and never covered in blood. you would think stabbing a mother fucker with your claws would put a little blood out there

They fucking feel pain.  and bullets still fuck them up.  they cant fucking walk around and get shot up all day like that.

NEEDS MOAR DEADPOOL. and i mean the real deadpool. like

like seriously. wtf was that shit. and the two ending clips? what the fuck guys. okay deadpool is still alive. kewl!

the claws looked fake. the green screens looked fake. patrick stewart looked like a fucking wax statue.

emma frost is supposed to be a psychic 

cyclops is still gay as fuck

i saw a little quicksilver in there

dont even get me started on gambit. why the fuck can he fucking make cards fly and shit.  the motehr fucker throws cards like any person would throw  a card. his power is to kinetically charge objects and make them explosive. he cant fucking jump around with a gay pimp cane and then use it to climb walls and shit.  yes he has heightened physical capabilities... but he cant fucking fly and blow up large chunks of falling concrete.he had no heavy cajun french accent.  so gay in his satin pink button down.  he wasnt wearing his fucking armor like he should be.  anyways. that whole fight with wolverine in new orleans was gay.  they sped up wolverine? why? and why can wolverine take down a whole fire escape by cutting one piece of metal at the bottom.

and in the end. he just runs away with the police there and shit. 

anyways. i liked it because i got to see some comic book characters come to life.. but it was done horribly. you would think after the recent success of iron man and hulk they would have fucking amazed us.  they made the hulk look dope. and iron man too. but they give wolverine some shitty cg claws. 

anyways. /end rant

i apologize to everybody who heard me talking my shit. 

love, andrew