So here goes one of those times where i want to finally do something with the pictures i take. And in the past month i have been doing so much photo editing and posting i am tired as fuck of it lol. but here is the final shots of 09

The funny part is that I had nothing to do with that shenanigan. My mom and samantha really gave garrett a bunch of treats for christmas

Some good ole fashioned tommy burgers. Best chili burgers on the fucking planet. all the socal heads know what im talking about hopefully

Jens puppy grew and is a little beast now haha

little baby aids.. i mean ayden.

This motherfucker

And then after that trip back to socal i had to get back to work.. Me and Luis had to run to the HUF offices and talk to keith and the crew for our HUF photoshoot which comes out tomorrow. DOPE

Heres a teaser pic. check out my sexy calves and leg swag. Taylors are alright i guess.

And i still need to post some pictures from our new years Cawktales party. will do

love andrew



So I realized that i have not posted anything within the past month.. No need for excuses about why that is, but I've been busy as shit. With the Hypebeast internship in full effect mixed with trying to see people as often as possible while they are home for break, there leaves very little time to upload pictures then bullshit about them. We have been trying to get out to the SF office as often as possible during the week. Anyways its early and for those reading, be ready for a month's worth of posts starting with christmas. Decided with the new year i really want to get this thing going.

more to come