raw denim jawns, henley shirts, long sleeves, winter

So we all know ive been wearing these pants for a year and some change.. and the first holes are starting and needed some patching and restitching. which gave me a day full of sewing. no homo. had to sew in some excess denim behind that asshole(lols) and touch up on some of the stitching.. which i ended up teaching myself how to chainstitch. anyways. these things started out full of indigo dye and now they are faded, white and dirty. the only proof of the past year i spent sitting on my ass.

second, the pics ive been taking for hypebeast what did you wear today thread has been building up and since i lack content on here.. i might as well post them. apparently ive been wearing long sleeves for the past two weeks. since its been cold and fucking amazing.

last but not least. everyone has a henley shirt this season. they are amazing. and thanks to carthartt, i can buy short sleeve henleys too. horray.

enough about this gay clothing shit.
i think i still have pictures from my birthday.. only a few after drinking a personal of jager. delicious.

love andrew.



today was my brirthday, or yesterday was my birthday and im typing this at like four in the morning, and i want to tahink taylor akak that nigga tdub for giving me a plae to drink jagermeister at. i then want to say fuck cody towner for wrestling me while im super fucked upa nd choking me out. the i want to thank everybody for not letting em slepe. fuck all you guys im so fuckign tired. then i want to say sorry to anyone who ever read this shit becausei forgot myc anerat tayor/tyler/adam/crhis house. camera. camera. i mena. and its there, and pictures will follow tomorrow. even though i didnt take any pictures because i was drunk. then i want tos ay fuck you again cody for playing me in skate. whic was a horrible idea because i was drunk.

spit hard die hardm,
love andrew



So we cleaned out the garage and found things from my whole childhood. including this old ass mac. which i used to get down on some fucking shufflepuck. and the screen shot below is probably the only proof i have now that the game used to exist

fucking epic.. and another question.. why is a robot a bartender, why is a rapist in a cloak, alien in a onesie, creepy little old man, pig devil general, psychic bitch, bulldog looking ass nigga, a monkey and ron jeremy chilling in a bar? good question.

anyways, moving forward. these fucking dinosaurs.

and one of my treasured sets of toys. my fucking ninja turtles. this specific one used to do backflips. and it was the shit.

then the usual unfocused picture that i love so much

love andrew



Last weekend after samantha's birthday. moms made some cupcakes that looked like pandas. when these white people came over they thought they were hilariously asian.
the army man thought they were cool enough for this picture

this white nigga tried to be asian
then dropped that fucking shit, and put the crumbs in my air vent. what the fuck


those fucking dixie cups.


they fucked my wall up

So Dianna, Brianna, Morgan and Doug came over because they all visited from school. Anyways i would like to blame lactaid pills for being shitty and not working. its not a secret that i am lactose intolerant. but i ate a fatass cup of cold stone.. which ended up being a horrible idea. but before all that i sat at taylors house and watched some tv. riley slobbered hardcore on my pants. alright to the pictures


fucked my shit up

chocolate milk mustaches dont work on choclate people

dur dur dur. just kidding

love andrew