easter last week

Went to socal for our easter sunday with family, then spent the rest of the time in newport beach on vacation. it was dope, more from the week later

Grandpa and Ayden

filipino food galore


some dope ass ribs

uncle rods dogs that looked like chewbacca

yes i flip off the camera during family pictures. badassssss

carride home to newport. same formation.

moreeee to come



So everyone knows i do the whole raw denim thing. Which is to buy a pair of pants that have not been washed or distressed in any way. and in turn they will fade to my body. anyways this is my second pair after my self edge x imperials seen below.


anyways im about a month in to these 21 oz iron hearts. to put it in perspective, most denim sold at stores is made out of about 8oz denim. anyyyyyyways. my fucking super thick leather patch on the back was hanging off my ass yesterday night. so tomorrow im bringing it in to kiya at selfedge and they are going to fix it for me.

love andrew


LA trip

However, I'm not talking about the trip that I'm currently on. Last month or so me and L. Ruano took a 24 hour trip to LA. There was a book opening at Stussy LA for the ALL GONE book that Luis helped write. Then met with Dr. Romanelli, a crazy ass designer that does collabos with HUF all the time. Right now he's doing a comic with NASCAR about drivers. crazy stuff. Then we met with Edwin Ushiro, a Japanese American artist from the LA area. He took us out to this cosplay restaurant for lunch. Anyways. The trip started when we had to run to HUF to pick up some promo stuff, my car got a 83 dollar parking ticket and thrown up on a tow truck. Talked them to letting it down. Giant cock block on the start of our road trip. Then sat through 3 hours of traffic to get to the 580. Almost got in an accident on the 5 once we were in LA (not my fault surprisingly). Then at the end of the day, i still ended up getting a parking ticket. But they mailed that a few weeks later. Left at around 9pm and drove home all night till about 4am. Anyways. pictures below


Luis had some bad milk at this hood ass winchells, fucked his day up for the next 24 hours

Waiting outside of HUF LA for long as fuck in the morning


Cafe time with Darren Romanelli aka Dr. Romanelli aka Dr. X

I would normally pass on posting such corny ass pictures. but i got a stupid ass parking ticket mailed to me because i refused to park at the broken meter.

The book release at Stussy LA

Then we chopped it up with Joe Hahn for a minute. Owns a store out there called SURU, and we should be doing a Hypebeast TV feature on him and the store.

On the way out before driving for another 7 hours into the early day.

I think im finally done updating with super old content. but yeah.


Jen brought her cord

but im lazy. so here are some pictures i already have. leonard with some head band things. woop


In newport for the week

And i forgot my camera cord. fml. forgot to get jens from her house again today too. anyways. in the meantime enjoy a picture of me!