went to haight.. looked at all the shops that didnt have anything. stussy had a few things but im in no position to spend any money right now. 
lol a fucking tractor thing in the city. had to take a picture.. in fairfield im not used to seeing these other than in green valley and i have to swerve around them real quick to get to class

bums are fucking crazy,
love andrew


davini's household and double tapping the mother fucking trigger.

last night went to wes' house with absolutely nothing to do but watch futurama.  Fairfield is boring as fuck on a weekend.. even worse on a week day. anyways. 

came home to these today after my last class. old ass fall 06 003 w)tap authentics in 8/10 condition. not to mention they are white and that amazes me. 

skeet skeet,


Fuji's Sushi Boat Buffet

13 dollar all you can eat sushi boat buffet in Davis.  they make special rolls and fry anything. 


happy st pattys day

Well, i spent all night pretending to be irish at Taylors.  All of my dickhead friends were trying to pinch my nipples because they thought i wasnt wearing green.  which was ridiculously gay. and anyways the underside of my hat was green for one. so fuck you guys. just finished a sociology reaction essay.  It was a reaction essay, so there is no real wrong answer. i would have to be retarded not to get credit for it.  anyways. done with stuff for the week hopefully. woo.
oh and i was wearing those supreme x vans posted in the last post

love andrew


supreme x vans

Well another vans x supreme drop, and it sucks because the regular clothes drop where i spent alot of money. last shoe drop was the old skools/mountain hi's with the cordura and everything. they run pretty damn big so i never wear them as much as i would like to.  anyways idk how i feel about most of these, the only ones that i might buy would have to be the black eras. if only it had a black stripe on the midsole. anyways. no picture updates yet because ive been working very hard on school (10). 

Mid terms almost over, projects almost all gone. and then i get assigned more. but maybe an adventure tomorrow. 

love andrew, and last seasons vans/preme



and i succumbed to the will of hype earlier today. oh well

still didnt get the fucking parka i wanted. its all good though

Went to Socal

Went there with the Moms. Hung out with family. Went to irvine and hung out with Marie and Gabe.  Went to my Aunts and celebrated my cousin about to have a baby.  Went to Jen's for Olivia's Birthday. Came Home
TSA doing their thing
Next day, best breakfast burrito ever.
And it wouldn't be Southern California Driving without seeing two grown men arguing probably over nothing.  How anything can escalate within a 3 minute stop light i do not know.  These two kept at it on the freeway on eachother's asses until they pulled over and unfortunately i couldnt see as they got out of the cars. which i am mad about missing.  


finally caught up on updating my blog. woot.
Went to SF with Taylor with the hopes to see the King Tut Exhibit.. however Andy Warhol Exhibit was more persuasive.  So impressive there was absolutely no parking anywhere at Golden Gate Park.  Which hurt me inside my soul.  Plan B was put into action, and we planned to pick up a Mr. William Clark and hit up HUF, then go to Haight and eat at the People's CafĂ©.  Unfortunately it took Will over an hour to skate his way home, and it only took us 45 minutes to leave.  Fortunately we had a Contingency plan in this case, this was Plan C, and it involved backtracking to Berkeley.  Where we met up with Clara and Taylor was persuaded into eating a Garden Burger, which i thoroughly enjoyed.  Taylor however did not enjoy the garden burger as much as a regular burger.  I realize i am making this story ten times more complicated than it should be, so for the sparknotes: Wanted to go to SF, Went to Berkeley. Profit.
On the way, Taylor's impreza which is more impressive than mines
His Costco card, and the lady at the counter spelt Optimus wrong.  Cunt.

Love Andrew

last week: napa, ca

i should have went into that nail salon because i know i would have seen one of my aunties there.
drove there with erica, no pictures of the pilot however

anyways. love andrew


Contemplating sleep

Well, just got back from watchmen.. and I fucking enjoyed it.  everything was damn true to the book.. of course besides the ending, but IMO it all worked out.  I knew people wouldn't like it, especially because it was 3 hours long, but I liked seeing it come off the pages.  As i write this.. I have until about 7am to sleep. Me and the Moms are going to the motherland(southern california).  So i am debating whether or not i should get a few sleep cycles in or not. 

anyways. i fail at blogging due to the fact i get lazy and hate uploading pictures. although not much has gone on in the past week. even if i keep forgetting to post shit from last week. anyways, ill try and keep it updated

love andrew