Went to SF with Taylor with the hopes to see the King Tut Exhibit.. however Andy Warhol Exhibit was more persuasive.  So impressive there was absolutely no parking anywhere at Golden Gate Park.  Which hurt me inside my soul.  Plan B was put into action, and we planned to pick up a Mr. William Clark and hit up HUF, then go to Haight and eat at the People's Café.  Unfortunately it took Will over an hour to skate his way home, and it only took us 45 minutes to leave.  Fortunately we had a Contingency plan in this case, this was Plan C, and it involved backtracking to Berkeley.  Where we met up with Clara and Taylor was persuaded into eating a Garden Burger, which i thoroughly enjoyed.  Taylor however did not enjoy the garden burger as much as a regular burger.  I realize i am making this story ten times more complicated than it should be, so for the sparknotes: Wanted to go to SF, Went to Berkeley. Profit.
On the way, Taylor's impreza which is more impressive than mines
His Costco card, and the lady at the counter spelt Optimus wrong.  Cunt.

Love Andrew