Citizen spring/summer 09 & Saurier spring/summer 09

So jeff aka citizen from www.citizen-clothing.com has been on it lately, hes been slaving till 4 am to push out this new line.. including printing himself. with his own two peruvian hands. including the man behind Saurier, Anders.  So these two have been busy for about a week doing this shit in chicago. while i sat at home behind the comfort of my laptop screen of course. anyways i had a small hand in the design work so everybody who loves me and takes the time to read this should buy the tees. so yeah. now we should probably get to the visual aids that are so necessary in a presentation such as this. 

Now for the Saurier stuff

so cliffnotes: buy this shit. its moving fast. saurier is damn near sold out.. and citizen is pre-selling like hotcakes

dont sleep, andrew