today was my brirthday, or yesterday was my birthday and im typing this at like four in the morning, and i want to tahink taylor akak that nigga tdub for giving me a plae to drink jagermeister at. i then want to say fuck cody towner for wrestling me while im super fucked upa nd choking me out. the i want to thank everybody for not letting em slepe. fuck all you guys im so fuckign tired. then i want to say sorry to anyone who ever read this shit becausei forgot myc anerat tayor/tyler/adam/crhis house. camera. camera. i mena. and its there, and pictures will follow tomorrow. even though i didnt take any pictures because i was drunk. then i want tos ay fuck you again cody for playing me in skate. whic was a horrible idea because i was drunk.

spit hard die hardm,
love andrew